The Spirit of Bitterness and Rebellion

Dear X-ATI Girl,

I have just given birth to our eleventh child, our seventh son Jedidiah.  Since Jedidiah’s birth, I have had very little strength to do anything other than being able to spend time on my knees in prayer.  I rise at 7:00am and immediately go to my prayer closet and spend three hours praying for the lives of my children, my husband’s business, and that I will be able to be a submissive wife with a gentle spirit.  My prayer time grows with each day and I am prayerfully considering beginning the use of a headcoverings for my daughters and I so that we can publicly testify of our submission to my husband and their father.

My children arise at 5:30am to milk the goats before the girls prepare breakfast and feed their siblings.  My dear daughters are preparing for being wives and mothers by caring for their siblings and truly find so much joy in taking on this responsibility.  They diligently make all of our household clothes and linens.  When my dear sons shear the sheep, the girls spin the wool to create beautiful blankets which are on every bed of our home.  Because my dear husband and I believe that refined sugar is an addiction that Satan would wish to allow into our lives, my daughters also have the responsibility of grinding the wheat we get from a co-op each month, and making our bread daily. 

My oldest daughter, Sara (28), is beginning the midwifery program offered by IBLP [Institute in Basic Life Principles], while she faithfully asks God to provide a fellow who would be her husband.  My dear husband only allows our daughters to court and carefully discerns which men are sent from God and which would be a wolf in disguise to steal our daughters’ virtue.  None of my dear daughters are currently courting gentlemen, and none of them ever have.  I am blessed to have a daughter like Sara who understands her role in life as being a keeper at home.

In the past year, my children have developed a spirit of bitterness and rebellion. I do not understand how this can be the case.  There is no rock music in our home.  We do not have a television.  They do occasionally listen to the radio, but only when it is closely supervised by either me or my husband.  We have Character Link internet so I am able to view everything that my children see online.  My dear husband and I diligently search their rooms to ensure that there are no evil influences that enter into our home.  Even with all of this, my children are choosing anger, and the light in their once bright eyes has begun to dim.

Please, X-ATI Girl, help me.  I am told that you have had experience in all of these areas and can give me advice on how to regain control of my home and my children’s spirits.  Since Jedidiah has been born, I have required much more encouragement from other mothers and the teachings of the older women in our home church.  Because of this, our long distance was at a rate which we could no longer afford and our phones have been cut off.  Although we will be unable to speak to each other, I would ask that you write me a letter. 

Many blessings to you,

Gentleness in Greenville


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7 Responses to “The Spirit of Bitterness and Rebellion”

  1. Chantelle Says:

  2. shadowspring Says:

    I am horrified that this woman in Greenville is unwilling to admit that her paradigm for living is NOT WORKING (her daughter are still at home and have never had one suitor!).

    Does she really believe that praying more hours a day will help?

    Truly shocking and pathetic. To think that this story represents real women denied the opportunity to live their own lives and enjoy their own adventures with the Lord apart from their parents total domination!

    This is tragic. I am literally sick to my stomach after reading this.

  3. Darcy Says:

    This is way too real to be funny…..also, some of your phrases are giving my flash-backs…”the light in their once bright eyes has begun to dim”…*shudders*

  4. Ginnamom Says:

    Ok I’m not an ATI Girl. I am a mother of three blessings ages 12 son and daughters 11,7. I have been unable to have more children and am considering adoption. We do Homeschool I do practice headcovering, and me and my girls honor God by wearing dresses, skirts and modest clothing. However I will say to this poor mislead mother… As a fellow Chirstian that the Bible says to leave your Parents and go to your spouse. and at 28 her daughter may sadly be a midwife without having her own children. If the concept is to have many children and increase God’s flock do not stiffle adult children by holding on too stongly and prevent them from having the Man/woman that God has for them. As to daughters how can a young man feel confortable going to a father that is Grossly overbearing to his daughter. just my opnion here.

  5. Skeptical Says:

    Surely you made this letter up. It is not real—–Is it????

  6. MamaMay Says:

    Wow, I would urge parents to read Ephesians 6:4 and ask themselves that if they really can’t see any evil ungodly thing in their home, that then perhaps it is because the parents themselves have strayed. I personally don’t know one angered or dimmed light that has not been exasperated in some way and since it can’t be an outside influence it must be an inside one.

  7. celets Says:

    i skimmed your entire letter but the only thing i read was HOW CAN I REGAIN CONTROL OF MY KIDS SPIRIT! the secret to creating cookie cutter kids or normal well balenced career minded members of society is the same! have a relationship with them. with out a relationship you mean nothing to them! and by the way read your bible for self… after you pray and fast the holy spirit into your life and bill gothard out!

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