Yielding Personal Rights

I received a short email from a girl inquiring about The Pineapple Story.¬† Until I can post the entire letter, let’s all be reminded:

“As you read this first-hand account, you will discover that it is a classic example of the kinds of struggles which each of us faces until we learn and apply the principle of yielding personal rights.”

[emphasis by X-ATI Girl]

Please feel free to join me in passing on wisdom that you have received from this book.

* This book is eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on amazon.com just in case you’ve lost or misplaced¬†your copy.


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8 Responses to “Yielding Personal Rights”

  1. DragonKat Says:

    Ahh: a classic tale of reverse psychology applied to aboriginal populations.

  2. Angela Says:

    because the more “rights” you yield to others, the less trouble you’ll give them!

    this cracks me up because the right-wing republican/christians think they are the sole supporters of the “american” way of life. what would that be? a competitive, free-market economy. well, forget about that when you’re trying to grow pineapples or start some other business and you just have to “accept” that you don’t have the RIGHT to do so!

  3. DragonKat Says:

    Yes! There’s a delightful dichotomy between capitalism and chrisitanity that few people are willing to address. Early christianity (think Acts) was much more a sort of theocratic socialist subculture, where the yeilding of individual rights resulted in the material well-being of the entire group.

    Maybe the missionary in the Pineapple Story later explained the value of paper money, the liberty inherent in a free market society, and established a thriving pineapple trade…

  4. andereg Says:

    Clearly whoever wrote this book had never even heard of Ayn Rand. Shame. Really we would have been so much better off if we had grown up with her writings! Let’s see…would the be a case of a looter, a moocher, or a parasite?

  5. Angela Says:

    looters and moochers, for sure! but what would we call anais and sapphira from the book of acts? they decided to keep their filthy lucre all to themselves instead of investing in first socialist bank of yahweh and POOF! down they went!

    ayn rand is probably a bit far to the right for my 30 year old sensibilities now, especially after working with and using government resources to help mentally ill children for almost 10 years. but when i was at pensacola christian college, straight out of ati, she was a revelation to me. i still credit her for changing my life in ways that “just” getting mad and kissed hard wouldn’t have. i was responsible for my own life? what?! no body else could answer for me and what i do with it? huh? i’m supposed to think through my beliefs and see if they line up with reality? since when?!!! she taught me that it was may right and responsibility to take the corner of the world that is MINE and make it shine.

    PCC wouldn’t let me write my senior thesis on her. she was an atheist. her books had strong sexual situations in them (and i really enjoyed that these were strong women and equally strong men.) bummer. i still have notebooks full of notes, though!

  6. Single_minded Says:

    I had to read this book so many times. So. Many. Times. I also used all the pages of ‘yielding personal desires’ prayers in the journals.

  7. Esbee Says:

    I never would have been accepted into any ATI-family due to my wearing pants and not wanting children. I chose to work outside the home and bring in a paycheck since my husband suffered many illnesses. He still managed to work 27 years before retiring.

    I was wondering if the Pineapple story is even a true story? and if it was that the lesson in it was meant just for that missionary who experienced it, , a lesson being personally taught to him by God and him alone that he was to use as he ministered to those natives.

    What Mr. Bill and others of his following may not realize is that the OT is a history of God’s people and how they acted…all their good, bad and ugly parts are told…just because it happened does not mean that God meant to make it a lesson for ALL his children…some parts of the bible may have a personal meaning to some but not all.

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