Let’s Clear Up A Few Things…

Dear Readers,

After many emails, comments, and blog traffic over the past few days, we feel as if there are a few things we should clear up in case anyone should wonder:

1. We are X-ATI. 

2. There is more than one X-ATI girl behind this blog, but fewer than 5. 

3.We are all females {obviously}.

4. In answer to our most frequent and common question, YES, these stories are all real.  Take a breath, it’s true.  While we put these stories into a format that is reader friendly and somewhat therapeutic, all of these stories are true and we provide the details as accurately as possible.

5. A very few of you have responded that this blog discourages you.  It probably should.  This is real, it does go on, and this blog is a very honest, though satirical, portrayal of our lives.

6. One of us, while at University, researched the subject of Bill Gothard, ATI, and the social effects of this group.  The study encompassed consultations with medical professionals as well as in-depth interviews with those currently in actual treatment programs as a result of this lifestyle.  We write about this research, the research of the medical professionals who now specialize in this area, as well as our own experiences.

7. The purpose of this blog is so that we can look back at where we were, where we have come, and find the humor and sheer ridiculousness in some of it.  {Let’s not play the glad game.}  Also, we were among the first joiners of the ATI program, very involved in all parts of the ministry, and think it beneficial for others to know that yes, their experiences resound with many and they are not alone.  (In fact, one of us this week realized that her picture is still being used as Gothard clip art, much to her chagrin.  Don’t worry, one of us is a certified Character Coach, well versed in the strongholds diagram, and is working with her to tear down any towers of bitterness that still linger.)

8. To the parents, read this blog to know what your children are more than likely feeling but not saying.

9. To us kids, know that you are not alone.  We know you didn’t like reading a Pearls article {what a shocker, huh?} but it rang true with us which is why we posted it.

We would like to take this opportunity to apologize that all of these points did not start with the same letter of the alphabet.

How, oh how to sign this?  ‘It will be worth it all’?  ‘There is morning in my heart’?  ‘Blessings’?

Nah, peace out, girl scouts!

The X-ATI Girl{s}


9 Responses to “Let’s Clear Up A Few Things…”

  1. Amy Says:

    Keep blogging…I enjoy reading!

  2. Angela Says:

    Really thrilled to have a woman’s-based perspective on this nasty part of my past. Because let’s face it…. keeping women “protected” from anything the men were afraid of was the WHOLE point of Gothard/ATI. Well, that and taking over the world (LOL).

    Also thrilled that one of you actually tackled the whole movement from a research perspective. Gothard’s movement has been extremely significant in the rise of neo-patriarchal tinges of our present culture, in the churches, etc. That deserves a closer look by secular minds. I’ve wanted to do this for years!

    Good luck with the blog and keep on truckin’!

  3. shadowspring Says:

    After first experiencing great dismay and empathy (I have my own stories to tell!) I was disappointed to discover that the posts on this blog are not from real people as such but are fictional.

    If I had known it was fiction from the start, I would have enjoyed it for what it is. I totally get the place you are coming from, though only one from the inside of ATI would get all the references.

    The fact that you girls are up to satire about such a painful situation shows remarkable strength. I wish you well on your life journeys.

    • Brandon Burns Says:

      Haha good job shadowspring, I am impressed by how well you paid attention to the above post.

      I like that X-ATI girl wrote;
      “4. In answer to our most frequent and common question, YES, these stories are all real. Take a breath, it’s true.”

      And you responded;
      “…I was disappointed to discover that the posts on this blog are not from real people as such but are fictional.”

      X-ATI girl is writing this blog from a kind perspective (though tongue in cheek) and I am impressed with her/them. Look up the guy who gunned down the people at the church in Colorado Springs. I knew him when I was serving at the Indy training center, quite a few years ago. I applaud X-ATI girl for the kindness they display in their posts, rather than resorting to more extreme measures as did my former acquaintance Matthew Murray.

      Perhaps they do not “listen to rock music”? Please see the article below for more detail.


      I know when I first found “X-ATI guy”s blog it was a healing process for me as I laughed, and even though this blog is written from a slightly different perspective I thoroughly enjoy it. Keep up the good work X-ATI girl!

  4. DragonKat Says:

    Well done, xatigirl! Now put on those flowered panties and write up some more satire!

  5. Chantelle Says:

    Well as long as you’re a certified Character Coach – then I have no worries LOL

  6. Brandon Burns Says:

    I continue to be a HUGE fan of you ladies; in addition I would be willing to give quite a lot to be able to read a thesis or dissertation regarding ATI and subsequent social effects. Is there any way I could get a hold of a copy?

  7. Rachel Says:

    Could you send me your study (the research mentioned under point 6)? While I was not raised ati, I was homeschooled by very conservative parents under the influence of Michael and Debi Pearl, and only my parents’ belief that education was important sent me on to college (at the time, I was very influenced by friends and literature to just stay home, as that was my duty). After going to college, my world was broadened, and I too became and X. I am today pursuing my PhD in history, studying the origins of the world from which I came. Thus I am naturally very interested in your research!

  8. Single_minded Says:

    Just found this… such a wonderful site. There is so much here that needed to be said such a long time ago.

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