Who Knew It Could Be So Easy?

Dear X-ATI Girl,

I never knew that diseases could be healed through a step-by-step guide that leads us to recognizing the lies in our lives.  If only doctors knew just how easy it is to truly cure a person!  Please consider buying this book in bulk; see the quantity pricing below.

When decisions are made, whether good or bad, there are always consequences. When a person makes an unwise choice, it can often be traced back to a fear, such as the fear of rejection, or a fear of failure. These fears are rooted in lies. Because of these lies, we experience painful memories caused by individuals or circumstances. Unresolved painful memories lead to stress and disease.

This study guide will help you identify and denounce the lies you may believe: “I’m ugly,” “I’m a failure,” etc. Follow the step-by-step instructions to overcome your fears and transform painful memories. Discover the liberty to forgive your offender and anticipate the freedom that comes from a transformed spirit, soul, and body!

Quantity Pricing:
1–4 copies: $9.00 each
5–9 copies: $7.00 each
10 or more copies: $6.00 each

By Bill Gothard, PH.D.
Paperback; 33 pages


Stepping in Stanton


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7 Responses to “Who Knew It Could Be So Easy?”

  1. Sarah Says:

    This book has been in the works for nearly 10 years now. And it wasn’t written by Bill Gothard. I hate that about ATI, how an author never gets credit for their work, it’s always Bill Gothard that wrote it… Anyway, I’m digressing.

    Yes some diseases are caused by our emotions, but as my doctor told me, there is no possible way to avoid all the things that will bring you stress, or emotional pain. You can remove some triggers from your life, such as the wrong job, but you can’t get rid of your family. Nor can you simply renounce the pain, and have the problem solved.

    As someone who’s been through two nervous breakdowns, I can honestly say that overcoming lies doesn’t solve most health issues, and transforming pain is honestly next to impossible. In fact, I’ve met many x-ati people who have a very strong point from experience that transforming pain is truly covering up the issue, not dealing with it. God gives us grace to hold onto him while going through the tough times, and in turn gives us the grace to handle the long-term pain that it caused. But saying that we can make that pain go completely away by somehow mentally praying, renouncing, and telling ourselves it isn’t bad is like saying that you can heal a broken leg with vinegar (which I’ve hear by the way!). Many things have to be treated with medicine, that’s why God created it!

  2. Heidi Sandoval Says:

    Some members of my family are still in denial about their “painful” emotions because of still believing the lies and steps taught by Gothard. Everything is “wrong” or “sin” or “giving ground” or “creating a stronghold”. Personally I have found that only by embracing an uncomfortable emotion while I am in it (such as anger) and going ahead and FEELING and experiencing it can I truly let it go. I have been grieving a lot lately and know I am healthier and more balanced because I have allowed myslef to do that. I also, through the help of my current church and close friends have healed from the pressing overwhelming burden of guilt and shame that ATI creates. I like this blog, it helps explain things to people who might think we are exaggerating otherwise.

  3. Angela Says:

    Emotions are powerful forces in our lives… which is why Gothard and people like him must label them “good” or “evil”. Anger is so much easier to “control” when you simply tell yourself it is wrong to be angry and repress your will (vs. confronting the problem and asserting your personal power.)

    How can you believe in all that “character” drivel and care nothing about personal integrity? Authenticity? Honesty? What is purity without being able to look at yourself for who you really are (and NO, don’t throw that “in Christ” qualifier in there!) Gothard’s teachings here lead to a lot of pain walking around on two legs… in families, churches, and anywhere that humans encounter conflicts of interest and potentially hurtful situations. My own family has had to work hard to undo the damage of these teachings and the belief behind them. We are human, we hurt each other, and each of us has the right to expect respect and dignity. Yep, I said it… I have a RIGHT and even I can’t hand that over without damaging every other part of my being.

    Take that, Bill. And get yourself some new hair.

  4. Brandon Burns Says:

    Wait – so if I buy more I can get them cheaper? What a deal! In addition I find a PH.D. typically makes an excellent author, even if the PH.D. is an honorary degree given by an unaccredited school looking for recognition.

    The main question is, how many CAN I buy?

  5. b Says:

    what is ATI?

  6. DragonKat Says:

    It’s only 33 pages too. You could become a doctor in about half an hour with this book.

  7. DragonKat Says:

    And Brandon, the real question is, how many do I have to buy before it’s free?

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