“Honk If You’re ATI”

Our yearly excursions to Knoxville were heavily populated with vans that held homemade signs reading “honk if you’re ATI.”  These signs, generally written with magic marker on a piece of cardboard, helped us identify our fellow man…as if we really needed any more identification than the van itself, the presence of 3+ baby car seats, and our blue and white garb.  Just in case you miss those trips to Knoxville, and the sighting of the other Gothardites, we are providing these pictures to jog your memory.


Honk if you’re ATI.

Beep beep!

“Kids, cover your eyes!  Don’t look at that!”  Candy is made with sugar, an addictive additive that causes us to stumble.

Definitely not.

This one doesn’t even need a sign.  EASY!

Stix in the mud.  No honk needed…this time.

Honk, honk!  This family is headed for the campgrounds…as soon as they get the van running again.

They have tinted glass…can you tell if that’s a sign in that window?

This one is a little deceptive.  At first glance, we reach for the horn…but then we spy the liberal decor on the front end.  No ATI mother would allow their vehicle to be garnished with such foolery.


One Response to ““Honk If You’re ATI””

  1. Joy Says:

    dang I did not grow up ATI (Dad had a beard not ok in the 80s) but every one I knew growing up was. Our van looks just like that now.
    except with less paint.

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