Eye traps anyone?

Eye traps.

If you were not in ATI, this short phrase will mean very little.

If you were in ATI, you probably remember the shopping mall exercise?  You know, where we took the eye trap quiz, and then went to the mall (the entire quiverfull) to distinguish which eye traps lurked in the clothing of the women walking past us, and what those eye traps might communicate about their moral innards?  Yes, we thought you might remember that one.

Let’s take a little journey and see how much you remember.  Ready to talk about what these pictures might reveal about the wearer?  We’ve had a few eye trap experts give their opinions which we will include for you.

“While these 50’s housewives are at least in skirts, their hearts are obviously not at home.  The tight and revealing belts they are wearing reveals their desire to be desired.  The v-neck design is clearly indicative of their deceiving men as the strange woman did in Proverbs.  She probably caught and kissed him shortly after this sketch was drawn; definitely that blonde on the left did.”

“Ah, nice try X-ATI girl{s}.  You tried to trick us into saying that this girl is humble and modest, but we are onto you.  She is clearly not modest.  Her tights reveal her desire to take advantage of the innocent eyes of men.  Some may think that since her legs aren’t actually showing this is okay; we know the truth.  Put on your running shoes, men, and get away!”

“We all know that even dolls can be deceitful.  This doll’s low waisted bow (and the bow itself) are danger areas.”

“Finally, a modest ensemble.  We hope that all will follow in the way of this swimmer; she is the essence of discretion.”

“We all know that v’s in clothing always point to areas of the body that should not be drawing attention.  Tisk tisk.  Fail.”

“The loud patterns on these aprons are not what any proper homemaker should ever have.  They should desire to draw attention to their countenance, not their covering.”

“Two words: bold and sleeveless.  Children, shield your eyes!”

“Does this dress have sheer material??  It does!  For shame.  How could such a beautiful example of female dress be dishonored in such a way?  Harlot.”

“The crisscross pattern on this dress should be covered immediately.  Her morals are probably crossed in a similar fashion.” 

“Rarely do young fellows deceive with their dress, but here is an example.  This young man is clearly attracting the wrong crowd with this v-neck garment.  The embellishment on his sleeves draws the eye down from the face as well.  He needs to ask for forgiveness from those he has ensnared.”

How did YOU do on the quiz?


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11 Responses to “Eye traps anyone?”

  1. KJ Says:

    Is that what’s wrong with my fashion sense? It must be suffering from hidden traumatic memories about the eye trap. I’d forgotten about this, except for a lingering memory regarding some cute jeans I wasn’t supposed to wear because they had a v-yoke. I think I might have been all of 10. I never would have thought to see evil in just about everything if it hadn’t been for the eye trap lesson. Remember when they mailed new stickers of some Biblical figure to cover a picture in the workbook? The first thing we did was try to figure out why the original picture was immodest. We decided the wind might have been a little strong on the draperies or something. It wouldn’t have occurred to us if they’d never made a big deal of it.

  2. M.E. Anders Says:

    This post cracked me up!!! I can SO remember those days – ludicrous. 🙂

  3. Sarah cole Says:

    Oh my gosh this post is hilarious! Had me laughing out loud.

  4. Tia Says:

    Been there, done that, insanely thankful that I’m out. You know what did it for me? When it was suggested my 5 year old son would see me as a sexual object if I wore jeans in front of him.

  5. Meg Says:

    “Clearly, the work of the devil! And the young man who wears a v-neck is enslaved to the rebellious, gyrating, sensual beat of rock music!” LMAO! this post made my day. Being a “sinful, selfish, unrepentant fool” who left the lifestyle without looking back years ago, this blog really stirs up some painful memories. Thankfully now I can laugh at it.

  6. Retha Says:

    Ironically, I put on a rather tight black long sleeve T-shirt, and a black stretch jean this morning (it’s winter where I am now, and cold.) It looked much like the approved swimwear.

    I felt it showed so much of my shape that It was still rather immodest to my (non ATI) virgin eyes, and boring, and I covered it with one of those colourful long, wide-skirt small-bodice summer dresses with straps over the shoulders, and a wide belt. Now I read my outfit was more modest before adding the dress (too bold, and the neckline approach a V) and belt (Tight belts, bad!)

  7. quinn Says:

    I’m writing a book about American homeschooling. I want to at least reference Vision Forum but have a few questions that I, as an outsider, will never be able to understand without a “Translator” (Although I suspect many of the insiders aren’t always really clear on it, either). It’s a big imposition, but might I interview you?

  8. Will Hunsucker Says:

    “Her tights reveal her desire to take advantage of the innocent eyes of men.”

    Ummm… WHAT kind of eyes?



    Brother Gothard, deceive not thine own self!! =)

  9. Single_minded Says:

    Oh, and in the “loud patterns” picture one of the housewives is wearing pants. No, not pants– leggings! Tight leggings! Under an apron! She obviously secretly desires dominance– and recognizes this desire as wrong– but chooses to disguise this desire under the deceitful apron. Notice that she does not wear a skirt over the iniquitious leggings, which might mean she is trying to suppress the desire and remain feminine, but ties an apron over the skimpy garb. This clearly indicates a desire for sinful attention, especially as the apron is easily removed!! How much more shameless can you get?

  10. Esbee Says:

    So, if a native woman in equatorial Africa or some steamy tropical island wears their native attire after they become christian are they sinning?

    I am glad you are x-ati but hope you are not x-God. Putting a turd in the cookie jar does not make it a cookie. Now that you know the difference, you can check the cookie jars, make sure there are no turds. If there are get another cookie jar.

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