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Contemplating in Columbus

May 3, 2010

The following is a letter we received from a faithful blog reader…

Dear X-ATI Girl,

This past weekend I attended a wedding shower with my mother and my cousin Susanna.  Susanna is two years older than I (I am 17) and although she does not homeschool and is not a part of ATI, Susanna and I have been friends all of our lives.  She lives out of state and has been visiting my family for the past week.  I dread the day when Susanna will have to return to college.

The 18-year-old bride is a friend of mine, but Susanna had never met her before the shower.  The party was extraordinarily boring.  I’m not sure if it’s because everything paled in comparison to Susanna’s comments, or if this was just a real doozy, but it was awful.  Everyone stood close to the perimeter of the room, spoke in very soft tones, and the only subject seemed to be of wonderful courtship stories.  I had never realized before Sunday just how odd this was, but Susanna made me see it through a whole new light.

The whole room was a jumble of photos of the bride, the groom, their families, and the happy couple.  The first photo we got close enough to see had a pretty standard Bible verse printed across the top: “And God took a rib from the man, and created a woman and brought her to him.”  A little bit odd maybe, but it’s all stuff I’ve heard before now.  There was one close-up, though, that really caught Susanna’s eye.  In this Polaroid, the bride’s hand rested tenderly on the groom-to-be’s chest, and written above the groom’s head, bold black text proclaimed:

I have found my rib!

After seeing these pictures through new eyes…is that creepy, or is it just me?

Thank you for your sound advice.

Contemplating in Columbus


“Honk If You’re ATI”

April 25, 2010
Our yearly excursions to Knoxville were heavily populated with vans that held homemade signs reading “honk if you’re ATI.”  These signs, generally written with magic marker on a piece of cardboard, helped us identify our fellow man…as if we really needed any more identification than the van itself, the presence of 3+ baby car seats, and our blue and white garb.  Just in case you miss those trips to Knoxville, and the sighting of the other Gothardites, we are providing these pictures to jog your memory.


Honk if you’re ATI.

Beep beep!

“Kids, cover your eyes!  Don’t look at that!”  Candy is made with sugar, an addictive additive that causes us to stumble.

Definitely not.

This one doesn’t even need a sign.  EASY!

Stix in the mud.  No honk needed…this time.

Honk, honk!  This family is headed for the campgrounds…as soon as they get the van running again.

They have tinted glass…can you tell if that’s a sign in that window?

This one is a little deceptive.  At first glance, we reach for the horn…but then we spy the liberal decor on the front end.  No ATI mother would allow their vehicle to be garnished with such foolery.

Modesty Survey

January 8, 2010

Modesty is above all.

This is important. Please, please read!

God Has Called Me To Headquarters!

January 8, 2010

Mr. Gothard called my parents to say that God had called me to work at Headquarters.  My parents asked what God had called me to do there, and Mr. Gothard replied “work in the kitchens.”  I think this may have been the first and only time my parents ever doubted that Mr. Gothard was indeed the mouthpiece of God himself.  My mother replied, “Have you ever tasted {x-ATI Girl’s} cooking?!?”  She tried to hide the panic from her voice.  I wondered if maybe God had called me to work in the mailroom and Mr. Gothard had simply mixed up the rooms.