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Eye traps anyone?

May 6, 2011

Eye traps.

If you were not in ATI, this short phrase will mean very little.

If you were in ATI, you probably remember the shopping mall exercise?  You know, where we took the eye trap quiz, and then went to the mall (the entire quiverfull) to distinguish which eye traps lurked in the clothing of the women walking past us, and what those eye traps might communicate about their moral innards?  Yes, we thought you might remember that one.

Let’s take a little journey and see how much you remember.  Ready to talk about what these pictures might reveal about the wearer?  We’ve had a few eye trap experts give their opinions which we will include for you.

“While these 50’s housewives are at least in skirts, their hearts are obviously not at home.  The tight and revealing belts they are wearing reveals their desire to be desired.  The v-neck design is clearly indicative of their deceiving men as the strange woman did in Proverbs.  She probably caught and kissed him shortly after this sketch was drawn; definitely that blonde on the left did.”

“Ah, nice try X-ATI girl{s}.  You tried to trick us into saying that this girl is humble and modest, but we are onto you.  She is clearly not modest.  Her tights reveal her desire to take advantage of the innocent eyes of men.  Some may think that since her legs aren’t actually showing this is okay; we know the truth.  Put on your running shoes, men, and get away!”

“We all know that even dolls can be deceitful.  This doll’s low waisted bow (and the bow itself) are danger areas.”

“Finally, a modest ensemble.  We hope that all will follow in the way of this swimmer; she is the essence of discretion.”

“We all know that v’s in clothing always point to areas of the body that should not be drawing attention.  Tisk tisk.  Fail.”

“The loud patterns on these aprons are not what any proper homemaker should ever have.  They should desire to draw attention to their countenance, not their covering.”

“Two words: bold and sleeveless.  Children, shield your eyes!”

“Does this dress have sheer material??  It does!  For shame.  How could such a beautiful example of female dress be dishonored in such a way?  Harlot.”

“The crisscross pattern on this dress should be covered immediately.  Her morals are probably crossed in a similar fashion.” 

“Rarely do young fellows deceive with their dress, but here is an example.  This young man is clearly attracting the wrong crowd with this v-neck garment.  The embellishment on his sleeves draws the eye down from the face as well.  He needs to ask for forgiveness from those he has ensnared.”

How did YOU do on the quiz?


The Homeschool Family

August 10, 2010

Please join us in applauding Tim Hawkins for this {what should be} award winning video.


X-ATI Girl{s}

“They honked, Mom, they honked!”

April 26, 2010

The photo comes courtesy of one of our favorite readers, XATI girl Chantelle. 

Chantelle is pictured here with two of her cousins during their voyage to the great University of Tennessee Knoxville. 

Please note the taped “ATIA” which identifies these kids as the oldschool Advanced-Training-Institute-of-America-ers [we were ourselves].

Thank you, Chantelle!  The memories this brings back…  Does anyone else have any pictures to share?

Dear X-ATI Girl, Where Did I Stray?

January 8, 2010

Dear X-ATI Girl,

Please advise.

The life of blissful marriage and non-stop childbearing is the one that good, obedient ATIers live. 

Although things were supposed to supernaturally fall into place for me around the age of 14 {when a fellow would come along and ask my father for permission to court me}, the days of grinding wheat and teaching children to read are nowhere nearer for me now than they were when I was a teen.

Faith {and Wisdom Booklet #23} told me that by now I would more than likely have approximately 5.2 children with that number rising rapidly with each passing month. 

Around 5:00 am each morning, I should be able to expect my “quiver full” of “dear sons and dear daughters” (DSs and DDs) to cheerfully and enthusiastically rise to meet the sun which would appear over the crest of the furthest hill of our family farm.  They would gleefully run to the barn {through any and all weather}, which my husband had built bare handedly, and milk the goats which were, of course, the price of the field.  The lambs would not be milked, however, but would be sheared by my DSs and their wool would be spun into yarn by my DDs who would then knit them into our clothing. 

I somehow feel guilty for not achieving this life {wait, is achieving the correct word?}.  I thought that some fellow would have already proposed matrimony and swept me off to live in the barn on his parent’s property which he had begun building in his early teens, even then preparing for his chosen bride. 

What happened? 

There’s no barn around here anywhere. 

Do you think it could be because I’m not debt free?

– Barnless in Beulah