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The Cabbage Patch Doll Through The Eyes of an ATI Child

April 26, 2010

Can anyone else relate?


Dear X-ATI Girl, Where Did I Stray?

January 8, 2010

Dear X-ATI Girl,

Please advise.

The life of blissful marriage and non-stop childbearing is the one that good, obedient ATIers live. 

Although things were supposed to supernaturally fall into place for me around the age of 14 {when a fellow would come along and ask my father for permission to court me}, the days of grinding wheat and teaching children to read are nowhere nearer for me now than they were when I was a teen.

Faith {and Wisdom Booklet #23} told me that by now I would more than likely have approximately 5.2 children with that number rising rapidly with each passing month. 

Around 5:00 am each morning, I should be able to expect my “quiver full” of “dear sons and dear daughters” (DSs and DDs) to cheerfully and enthusiastically rise to meet the sun which would appear over the crest of the furthest hill of our family farm.  They would gleefully run to the barn {through any and all weather}, which my husband had built bare handedly, and milk the goats which were, of course, the price of the field.  The lambs would not be milked, however, but would be sheared by my DSs and their wool would be spun into yarn by my DDs who would then knit them into our clothing. 

I somehow feel guilty for not achieving this life {wait, is achieving the correct word?}.  I thought that some fellow would have already proposed matrimony and swept me off to live in the barn on his parent’s property which he had begun building in his early teens, even then preparing for his chosen bride. 

What happened? 

There’s no barn around here anywhere. 

Do you think it could be because I’m not debt free?

– Barnless in Beulah